KENTIA S.A, a prominent textile firm in Greece, achieved remarkable strides by embracing Eco-Pigment, an innovative printing method. Collaborating with Optimum Digital, known for its wide-format printing machinery (3.2 meters), Kentia achieved impressive results.

Kentia's standout achievement? They employed Eco-Pigment, a cutting-edge technique that eradicates the need for pre and post-treatments in textile printing. Leveraging Optimum Digital's wide printer, they crafted prints with superior hand-feel and vibrant colors, setting a new standard for quality.

Yet, the true game-changer? Kentia's decision to internalize printing processes using Optimum Digital's technology. By doing so, they've overcome the challenges posed by time-consuming, hard-to-control quality, and expensive imported fabrics.

Kentia's success narrative underscores the impact of innovation and strategic decision-making in the textile sphere. Their collaboration with Eco-Pigment and Optimum Digital exemplifies the potential of smart technology coupled with astute business strategies.