Optimum Digital Planet

"Large-Format Digital Printer Manufacturer"

Started off its operations in the wide-format printing machinery sector in 1994, Optimum is a global brand offering printing solutions in various fields such as advertisement, textiles, glass, and furniture. Thanks to its patented technologies with superior performance, Optimum continues to produce functional, rapid and robust machinery.  Combining advanced engineering capabilities with cutting-end technologies in a versatile manner, Optimum is the pioneer and the leader of the international market.

Winning TUBITAK Awards with its high-performance printing machines, granting distributorship in many European, Central Asia and North Africa countries, and exporting its products with signature “Made in Turkey” in many places of the world, Optimum continues to expand its market network. Besides exporting to over 40 different countries, it continues to render services in many provinces and in many countries of the world such as Azerbaijan and Korea through its branches and offices.

Optimum Digital Planet, which started as a distributor in the advertising field, has become a global brand producing its own technology by transforming its experience into innovation day by day. With its production facilities in Istanbul and Tuzla, Optimum today plays an important role in the development and change of the world's printing machine technology.

Our main idea is to provide innovation to digital printing machine production in the global market, to add value to technology and to become a “pioneer” with the technologies we produce. Furthermore, seeing the potential demands in the field of printing machine production, we strive to contribute to the continuous development and change in response to this demand.