Optimum Digital Planet

"Large-Format Digital Printer Manufacturer"

Started off its operations in the wide-format printing industry in 1994, Optimum is a global brand producing advanced printing systems for various industries including textiles, carpets, signage, and home décor.

Optimum Digital is renowned for its dedication to industrial excellence. All aspects of our industrial design, metal pressing, automation, software and integration are handled in-house at our facilities in Istanbul,Turkiye. We adhere to a strict standard of quality by only procuring components from trusted European and Japanese suppliers.

In 2020, Optimum Digital launched its '2030 Green Printing Initiative' to revolutionize the printing industry. This scheme provides a direct-to-fabric and carpet printing solution that has the same level of color vibrancy, fastness, and hand-feel as existing methods without requiring steaming or washing hence transforming the textile and carpet industries, which rank the second highest polluter in the world.

Optimum has developed into a prominent company in the region, selling and servicing printers in over 45 nations across Europe, Asia and North America. It currently has full operations in North America, Europe, Turkey, and Central Asia and a wide range of dealership network around the globe to provide technical service, consumables, and spare parts to its customers.