Optimum Digital Planet

We, Optimum Digital Planet family, are proud to be a prestigious brand that produces technology and exports to many countries around the world, at the point we have reached today with our more than 20 years of experience.

Our entrepreneurism that gains power rapidly with a global vision after the first years we started to work as a distributor has added excitement of being also in the production field to our sale efforts. This excitement, a result of our success, helps us to increase our sale graphics regularly and besides, enables our brand to be an international player known worldwide.

Our company OPTIMUM DIGITAL PLANET increase its knowledge and experience to the top level by using the latest technology  in the leadership of its advance engineering past is in the position of a pioneer and leader in the international market as a name of qualified, powerful and faithful team.

We, as OPTIMUM DIGITAL PLANET, own patented technologies and produce technically perfect digital printing machines to fully meet the needs of many sectors, from advertisement to textile, from furniture to glass and have exported to 40 countries with our İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara, Adana and Antalya branches in Turkey, Central Asia Head Office in Azerbaijan and Europe Head Office in Belgium and realized extraordinary successes both inside and outside of the country; produce maximum digital solutions to optimum targets in the printing sector.

Our innovative company was granted TÜBİTAK awards due to the its superior performance printing machines and we present our technology to the service of the whole world by giving distributorship in many European countries, Central Asia and North Africa and so, we enlighten the future of the digital sector.

We are proud of transforming our journey that began in Seoul Korea and designing our own machines to the world with our signature of “Made in Turkey” from our production base in Istanbul and we reflect our shining innovative energy to our sector with a  “plus value”.

With the prestige of rendering 7/24 service to domestic customers and within 48 hours to customers in foreign countries through the most crowded technical service team of engineers; we, as a big brand that brings high standards to after sale service understand and continuously develop and enforce the wide satisfied customer network, continue to make our planet meaningful and valuable with technology…